Ministries & Divisions Heads

Heads of Ministries

 English Ministry:

Rev Mark Poh

 Golden Emmanuel Ministry (GEM):

Randy Goh

 Campus Ministry (CM):

Isaac Ong

 Generation of Promise (GoP):            

Zheng Shujing

 Children's Ministry:         

Victoria Chng

 Chinese Ministry:                                 

Rev Jonathan Kuah

 Hokkien Ministry:                                

Pastor Adam Lim

 Evergreen Ministry:                          

Pastor Adam Lim

 Filipino Ministry:                                 

Dado & Eve Macaraig

 Indonesian-Peranakan Ministry:    

Rev Raymond Seet


Heads of Divisions

Care Cells:                                                         

Winnie Boey

Rebecca Yong

Christian Education:                                   

Jenny Siow

Family Life Ministry:                                   

Jeannie Tan


Michelle Gunasilan

Agape Ministry:

Pastor Adam Lim


Olive Gunasilan 

Communications & Media (CMD):         

Poh Aye Lan