Emmanuel Missions was initiated in the early 1970s by the founding members of Emmanuel Assembly of God (EAG) with the view to be outward-looking even as the church seeks to grow its local membership, which was less than 100 then.


It began with the support of a few local missions workers and overseas ministries that Emmanuel became associated with.  These supports are reviewed on a yearly or half-yearly basis, with new ministries and workers added as and when the need arises. Every year, a Missions Emphasis Week is organised to challenge and encourage EAG members to be active participants in the missions works of the church.

For over ten years, Emmanuel Missions’ primary focus has been on the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia, where financial resources and manpower were duly deployed to support the works of various ministries among the Bahasa-, English- and Mandarin-speaking congregations of the Tesalonika AG in Batam, Batu Aji and Tanjong Batu.

Besides the Riau Archipelago, the ministry workers and institutions that we support financially cover areas in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Australia and various parts of India through the SEED ministries.

Over the last two years, Emmanuel Missions began to collaborate with International Bible College (IBC) in Batam to support their ministry in recruiting and training Bible school students, raising them up as potential pastors for the harvest field.  This ministry also engages in outreach works to the slum areas, and provides kindergarten-level education classes as an extension of their services to the community.


We are deeply inspired by the enthusiastic participation of many Emmanuelites who have made trips – sometimes repeatedly – to some of the overseas networks that EAG supports.* Many positive reports were received, with participants sharing their moving learning experiences with the church in our bi-annual newsletter.

Emmanuel Missions also responds to needs arising as a result of disasters. As we see the day approaching, we do expect a confluence of natural calamities and human-induced conflicts to create and intensify turmoil and chaos in many countries.


Singapore has been greatly blessed and mercifully spared from biblical birth pangs of grief, colossal damage and loss from such disasters. Let us be ready always to view the upheavals and catastrophic happenings around us not with hopelessness, but as opportunities to be God’s channel of love and comfort to those shaken by events beyond their control.

As the churches of Singapore continue to grow and prosper, and as the Lord so blessed us, we believe the Call to Missions remains great and urgent whether your own response is made through Giving, Going or Praying.


Galatians 3:8

“In you, all the nations shall be blessed.”

* Anyone is welcome to join us in one of these trips to the Riau Archipelago! If you are unable to make a trip overseas, there are alternative ways you can support the works of these ministries through the giving of your finances and your time. Do contact a care cell leader to express your interest.