Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry (FLM) was created with a vision to build God-centred families and strengthen household relationships by providing a source of godly teachings and a strong support network.


Parents’ Support Group

As parents, we desire to train up our children to walk in the ways of the Lord. We can fully enjoy our roles and journeys as parents if we are better equipped in God’s teachings on parenting.

  • Parenting with Confidence workshops
  • Mind the Brain workshops


Partners for Life

Despite what society today portrays of marriage, we believe that marriage is an institution ordained by God, and should be honoured and treated as such. The only way our marriages are going to prosper and be fruitful is if we are able to understand the relevance and significance of such a holy union.

  • Marriage Preparation / Pre-marital Counselling course
  • Alpha Marriage Course


Ministry of Friends

Singles are very much part of the Emmanuel family, and they are more than able to contribute to the Body of Christ in ways that are no lesser than married couples.

  • Talks, activities to help singles set their priorities and experience the true joys of singlehood