Intercession Ministry

The nations will see your vindication,
    and all kings your glory;
you will be called by a new name 
    that the mouth of the Lord will bestow.

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem;
    they will never be silent day or night.
You who call on the Lord,
    give yourselves no rest, 
and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem
    and makes her the praise of the earth.

Isaiah 62:2, 6-7


This is the call for us as intercessors, as prayer servants, that we “never be silent day or night, calling on the Lord; give ourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till he establishes” Emmanuel and the nation of Singapore and “makes her the praise of the earth”. Through the ministry of prayer, we will serve relentlessly until God’s Kingdom comes and His will is done in Emmanuel and in our nation as it is in Heaven. 


Our Motto: P.U.S.H

Pray Until Something Happens

Pray Until Salvation Happens


The Essence of an Emmanuel Intercessor: W.A.T.C.H

Will of God established in ourselves and our church

Alert and in one accord

Tenacity in faith

Christ-centred, Consistent lifestyle

Hungry to know Him more


Prayer is not a ministry for just a few. The Lord’s desire is that His church be called a House of Prayer for all nations. This is what Emmanuel aspires to be, the goal that we are progressing towards. Every one of us is called to prayer, for it is the key to unlocking the power of Heaven on earth. This is why pre-service prayer is a vital component of every service here in Emmanuel. Every ministry and every division in our church can only flourish through the power of united prayer.

Corporate prayer known as Pentecost Friday is held on 1st Friday night of every month, where we gather as one body of Christ to pray and seek God together. Every year, we also participate in the nationwide 40-Day Fast (part of the Love Singapore movement), beginning on the 1st of July.

Over time, we saw and recognised the undeniable impact made whenever we prayed and fasted together as a church. Because of this, in 2010, we decided to launch a church-wide movement to kickstart the year with 21 Days of Breakthrough Revival Prayer and Fasting. After receiving good feedback on the effective boost it has made on our members’ lives, since then we continue to start off the new year with the 21-Day Fast beginning on 1st January.

Jesus is the One we follow in all areas, all aspects and all matters of life. He lives to intercede on our behalf. Dare we do less? We intercessors count it a privilege to identify with and model our own lives after Jesus in His eternal ministry.