Service Support Division

The Service Support Division (SSD) works to support the main English Service as well as other major events in church through the provision of logistics management and manpower. The SSD, headed by Bro Anderson Leong, comprises five ministries covering the areas of ushering, security, car park marshalling, altar assisting and hospitality.


Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry endeavours to give all who set foot into Emmanuel, church members and visitors alike, a warm welcome to our Father’s House. Our core areas of responsibility include distribution of the church bulletin, ushering visitors to available seats, and collection of offering. The Ushers Ministry, headed by Bro Chacko, is divided into four teams, each overseen by a team leader.


Security Ministry

The Security Ministry’s primary objective is to ensure, through vigilance and discernment, a safe and conducive environment for our church members to worship freely. Our security personnel mainly cover the main English Service, ensuring the safety of guest speakers and church staff during the transition of offerings. Fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures are also under the purview of the Security Ministry. Headed by Bro Ravinderpal Singh, the Ministry keeps a watchful eye over church services and events, apprehending potential disturbance and handling disruptive situations when necessary.


Car Park Ministry

Car park marshals take charge of the safe and orderly parking of vehicles in the church compound. The ministry, headed by Bro Jeffery, also offers advice on alternative parking areas in the vicinity when parking space in church is fully optimised, e.g. during special events organised by the church. We also oversee parking arrangements for VIP vehicles and members with special needs. The Car Park Ministry extends its services during monthly Pentecost Prayer Meetings as well.


Altar Assister Ministry

Altar Assisting covers the needs of the congregation responding to altar calls and the move of God in our services. The assisters are mainly drawn the Usher Ministry as well as the Young Adult ministry. The ministry is currently under the care of Bro Gabriel Gay.


Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality Ministry, overseen by Bro Swee Sun, seeks to host invited speakers and special guests of the church with a heart of love and compassion. Our practical responsibilities include making transport arrangements for our guests to and from hotels, airports etc., ensuring their meals are provided for and assisting them in attending gatherings with church leaders.