Indonesian-Peranakan Service

Every Sunday, a group of passionate Indonesians and Bahasa-speakers gather in the Thanksgiving Hall to praise and to worship. We also offer two Bible Study classes preceding our services, at 1.30-2.20pm – one class is especially for new believers, while the other caters to more mature members of our congregation who wish to go further in-depth with their knowledge of the Word.

*The programme is a Diploma level, credited from Malang Bible School.

We also provide counselling for domestic helpers experiencing personal problems. For many years, we have seen God’s goodness and faithfulness come through for them through the words of encouragement and prayer we share as brothers and sisters in Christ. Our prayer is that a new generation of Indonesian domestic helpers will be raised up as testimonies for the Lord Jesus Christ, testimonies that will speak not only to their Bahasa-speaking peers, but their employers, households and even families back home.

Meeting Details

Day: Sunday

Time: 2.30 p.m.          

Venue: Thanksgiving Hall, Level 3