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教会中文部将在今年2 月23 日(星期 五),晚上7 点30 分,于四楼大堂举办布道性质的〖迎新纳福春节晚会〗。我们很荣幸邀请到来自马来西亚的庄国和 牧师来与大家分享新春信息。另外,家喻户晓的资深艺人朱厚任弟兄也将到来与我们分享他生命改变的奇妙见证。

This Chinese New Year, a well-respected veteran Singaporean actor, Zhu Hou Ren, will be sharing his personal testimony on his journey to salvation. Senior Pastor Cheng Kok Hoh from Harvest Assembly of God, who also lectures at the Bible Colleage of Malaysia, and Tung Ling Bible School, will be preaching at the service!